What To Do Before Taking Hard On Pills?

First – double think about this – do you really need it?
Are you sure? Are you 100 % sure?

hard-on-pillsSee, hard on pills will make your manhood rock hard for 30 minutes or more so get ready for crazy and mind blowing orgasms.

In most cases, one orgasm is not enough to satisfy your increased sexual desire, so you most probably are going to cum twice or three times in a row.

It will be a wild sex session.

Do not take these pills if you will not have sex unless you are some kind of masochist.

Note: do not mix hard on pills with male enhancement supplements that are supposed to be taken daily as they are for men with erection problems.

The thing is that you need good hard on pills.

ask-your-doctorHere comes the tough part of the story – how to find pills free from side effects that work?

One of the options is to ask your doctor, LOL! Seriously? I wouldn’t do it. It is too embarrassing. I would read tons of medical books to find what works and what not rather than asking my doctor.

The problem is this is difficult and even if you find the name of the pills you are looking for, you will need a prescription to get it as so you end up with a doctor visit again.

I would not take prescription hard on pills.

no-prescription-drugsPrescription pills are supposed to treat disease but I don’t feel ill. All I want is a good sex adventure. But if you have erection problems, self-healing can be harmful to your health. Sometimes, small changes can drastically improve your sexual life – e.g. maybe you need a healthy diet, to be more active, calm down and lower stress levels, stop masturbation and watching erotica if you do. A friend of mine changed the girl – yes, they broke up because of lack of sex I believe, and now he is a stud with his new girlfriend.

If nothing helps…

Search for hard on pills online.

computer-geekThis is what I am good at – online research.

If you need a day to find something online, I need only an hour.  Well, I spend days on this just to realize most pills are pure crap and some are just so-so. It wasn’t easy to narrow down the list of top 5 pills I think you should stick to – click here to read it.

I would take only all natural pills clinically proven to improve erections.

The shocking truth – some hard on pills can be dangerous!

Be aware buying from a random source online is not recommended because there are a lot of counterfeiter suppliers selling bogus products on sites we never heard of. You don’t want to get a package of who-knows-what produced in a Chinese laboratory; so, go with trusted retailers.

How is that possible?

Hard on pills are considered supplements and so are not regulated by the FDA. They can put whatever they want in the pills to make them “work”. And to make this worse… manufacturers do not have to list all ingredients on the label – they can hide behind the “patented formula” so you don’t know what you take.


Don’t become a rabbit!

Finishing too quickly before your girl can kill your relationship. There are herbal supplements you don’t want to touch; they will make you hard, but you will not last much because of increased sensitivity and striving to ejaculate.

What to do?

The solution I found out is to trust only the biggest names in the industry that have been around for a while so if there is something wrong with them we should know it. However, before you touch them double think – do you need it?

  • Does your erection really need a boost?
  • Is your erected dick small and soft?
  • Do you finish too quickly? Or maybe your ejaculation is like a rain drop?

Well, if you still think this is the way to go my list of top 3 hard on pills is a good place to start. I narrowed down the list and kept only natural products that are safe to take and provided me the results I was looking for – get harder erections on demand to have more sex when I want and to last long enough to give my girl the pleasure she likes.


Good luck!