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1-penis-pillsLiving with weak erections and/or a small penis is depriving you of one of the greatest pleasures in life.

It is like you are a semi-man.

Don’t you hate yourself when you cum too quickly?

On top of that…
having low ejaculation volume is like shooting blank.

Why don’t you take your density in your hands?

Maybe you can level up your sexual life at the cost of a dinner.

Get your male confidence back, it is possible, I did it.

My research that took me a lot of time and I am now sharing my success with you. Stay with me for a few minutes to see how to choose the best product for your specific needs and how to avoid the mistakes I made.

After reading this article you will know why VigRX Plus dick pills are my chosen method for penis enhancement, how they work, what to expect, and why you should purchase it for yourself today as the best option for you.

I am not encouraging you to go and order the first penis pills you find – even if they look ok. Instead, take your time to consider a few things:

Do Dick Pills Actually Work?

Yes, here is what male enhancement supplements do:

  • They increase the blood flow to the penis so you get harder erections.
  • They increase your desire for sex so you get an erection.
  • They might increase the sperm production so your libido increases (your body wants to release the sperm it produces).
  • They might increase your stamina so you could last longer in bed.


Is Taking Pills the Right Decision to Make?

All-natural penis pills are a convenient way to improve your erection privately and discreetly at home.

If you want to better satisfy your girl, then dick pills is the right option for you giving you a bigger and harder erection for better sex.

My attempts to do this by changing my diet and lifestyle didn’t help much – yes I feel better now and there are some benefits of going to gym 2 times a week for sure but the real, big change came when I started taking dick pills.

Be aware that some pills work better than others.

If you are good at reading between the lines then devote at least a month or so in research but please don’t let ads you see impact your decision. If something looks too good to be true then it might not work as advertised or there might be things and side effects they don’t want to tell you in a plain text.

Are Penis Pills Right for You?

The vast majority of men take penis pills to get stronger, bigger & harder dick.

best-penis-pillsMale enhancement supplements provide multiple benefits. Supplements can provide your body with minerals and vitamins it needs. They increase blood flow to the penis to improve your erection and there are pills that increase ejaculation volume as well.

Who are these pills recommended for:

  • Men with erection problems – e.g. inability to get hard enough to penetrate a woman and have sex at all.
  • Men who want bigger and/or harder erection – they get an erection but are not satisfied of its size or hardness
  • Men who want to ejaculate more sperm and so experience stronger orgasms and be able to have sex more often
  • Men who want to last longer in bed to better satisfy any women and so build up their self-confidence

What Results Should You Expect After Taking Pills?

  • You have better sex more often.
  • Both you and your partner get stronger orgasms.

The ingredients used in penis pills increase blood flow to the penis and improve erectile functions and your overall long term health. Some of the ingredients help you to relax psychologically, other stimulate cell division in the Corpora Cavernosa which in turn stimulates natural penis growth.

  • Fuck more, fuck better – there is nothing better than knowing you can fuck her like nobody before. Be confident and try various sex positions till you find what both of you enjoy.
  • Level up your sexual life – herbal supplements can increase sperm production and ejaculation volume – benefits of increased ejaculation are stronger, longer orgasms, increased sex drive and libido, increased virility, etc. The more sperm you ejaculate the stronger orgasm you experience.

    Your body needs to release the sperm it produces – this is a natural process and the core of your productive system, so if you can naturally increase the sperm production you will be able to have more sex.

  • Last longer in bed – even if everything is ok on your side she won’t be happy if everything ends up to early. Experts (and I) believe – to make her want sex with you again let her finish first.

The market is so big that it might take a big deal to find what really works with no side effects. It took me almost a year of research and detailed comparison before I placed my first order last year.

For those of you who know me for years and trust me and for those who are eager to see what works best – here you go…

…Choosing the Best Pills for Ultimate Penis Enhancement:

warningNot all dick pills are good!

Some work better than others and there are a few you don’t want to touch.

There are 100s of products to choose from and all they claim they are the best one. The first thing to consider is the benefits a product provides you.

warningMale enhancement pills are considered as supplements so they are not regulated by the FDA, there are products that haven’t been tested and might not be effective or safe.

top-ratedBest penis pills provide you ultimate male enhancement – they can help you get firmer, harder erections, increase sex drive and desire, increase libido and stamina, increase sperm production, sperm count and increase ejaculation volume.

You can experience stronger, bigger, more frequent, more intense orgasms and on top of that – my favorite product VigRX Plus is absolutely safe to take.

In short – there are a few dick pills that work and many that don’t.

The Top 3 Dick Pills on the Market:

vigrx-plus-pills sinrex-pills psp-pills
Erection Bigger & Harder Harder Harder
Ejaculation Improved Double
Longer Sex Yes Yes
Overall Satisfaction The Best Great Good
  • #1 VigRX Plus – Helps you get harder erection, increases libido and sex drive, helps you enjoy a better sex life, experience stronger orgasm and sex satisfaction. VigRX Plus makes your dick look bigger.
  • #2 SinRex – best 2 in 1 enhancer to increase sperm production and ejaculation volume. It is a cheaper alternative and is not that strong what makes it perfect for starters with minor needs. I always suggest not starting with the strongest solution so you will have a room to grow.
  • #3 Prosolution Plus – helps with premature ejaculation. It doesn’t matter much how hard you are if you can’t last enough to enjoy the sex in full. This is your best bet if you want to improve your sexual health, stamina and fight premature ejaculation.

All in all, Sinrex is ideal for those who want to ejaculate more (and so have more sex) in the first place while VigRX Plus is ideal for those who want a better erection.

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in-loveIt is all up to you!
VigRX Plus changed my life.

I recommend it because it works best for me.

My sexual desire and stamina has increased significantly when taking VigRX Plus on a regular basis. I have much stronger and fuller erections than before. I have seen a significant increase in semen volume as well.

How to Take All Natural Dick Pills Safely?

You should take 2 pills a day.

One of the things that set VigRX apart from others is their support – they are happy to answer your questions promptly – you can call them or drop an email.

What’s the Risk? Are Penis Pills Safe?

doctor-endorsedYour health should always be your top priority. VigRX Plus has been around for more than 8 years and being one of the most popular product has been lab tested multiple times so far so if there is something bad we will know it for sure.

Never take something you are not sure about the ingredients included. There are manufacturers include undeclared substances– they say this is to protect their secret formula from competitors and imitators but I would never trust them – FDA warning list is always growing.  Don’t risk your life and stay away from enhancement pills, no matter how tempting the advertising or fake reviews sound. Be careful with new products as it takes some time the truth to be revealed.

How Do You Know if a Pill is Not Good?

  • Does it sound too good to be true? Check the manufacturers bold claims and if it all sounds too good to be true, just don’t take it.
  • Is it a new product? A new product could be good, but I would trust a product that has been on the market for years – the more men try it the more feedback I can read so I will know if there are complains.
  • Is it cheap? It takes years of research to develop a good product that is safe and effective so you should not expect it will be cheap, shouldn’t it?
  • Guarantee? A good product should come with a guarantee – if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work you just get a refund.

What Are the Other Alternatives to Get a Bigger Penis?

There are not many ways to get a bigger penis.
Besides dick pills there are penis extenders and pumps.

no-penis-extenderPenis extenders – they do work but you should wear the extender for months to see real results. If you are ready for this venture then make sure you chose a good, high quality device and be ready to spend a good amount of money for this. I never tried a penis extender because I see most men give up before they see results, plus I really can’t imagine wearing this gadget all day long for next 6 months as they recommend.

no-penis-pumpsPenis Pumps – this is the second best option with good results – you not only improve your erections but penis pumping might help you straighten your penis curvature, as well, if any.

The downside is the privacy issue – it is much easier to hide a box of pills than a pump plus the pumping session requires you to be alone which can be a problem if you live with your parents or partner.

Although there are a few good products, there are some bad ones as well, so you should choose wisely.

The 2 key points that made me choose VigRX Plus over other penis enhancement methods:

  1. It is safe – yes, you like me, want the best results, fast results, but the last thing we want are side effects – my health is the top priority for me, so I was looking for a product clinically tested with actual results published. VigRX plus is endorsed by doctors and press. There are thousands of satisfied men and I have never heard of any of side effects complaints.
  2. It works – although it is supposed to take VigRX Plus in a long run you will most probably see results quickly. My sex drive and desire increased, my erection is harder than before and my penis looks bigger, more massive. It really makes a difference in terms of sex satisfaction.


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